Essentials Plus

Client Reviews

Our past training courses have supported many individuals into employment; below are some statements from those who attended.

This course has been amazing, I want to thank all Essentials Plus staff for the confidence and skills I have gained during my time here. All information provided has been amazing, I have resolved some issues I had with my confidence, self worth and past problems in my Life. This is due to the support of staff and classmates, it has been a very open and honest environment that I feel I  could discuss any issues and face up to these issues.

Rhiannon Fara – Employed with Ayrshire Childrens Services CIC                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I have loved the training since day one it has been a great experience. I have felt so comfortable in the training.

 Annie Rae – Part time self employed


Had a good time the course opened up loads of potentials doors to employment, thank you.

Margaret Paton – Employed by Alpha


The course really helped me as it gave me an understanding of what employers were looking for, my confidence has improved so much I would say I am much more confident to speak to people and the children with in groups. I had fun and made good friends. The interview skills and mock interview really helped. The one to ones giving me feed back and encouragement were a great help.

Kirsty Burns – Employed with CLASPS


The course gave me more experience of interview environment. I can stand up for myself now and don’t feel like a doormat. I have learnt that I am more capable of standing up for myself than I previously thought.

John McKenzie – teacher training


I would like to thank everyone at Essentials Plus for giving me the opportunity to be part of this course. I have learned a lot from the training and talks that we have had and the certificates that we have achieved. I look forward to using and practising this in the future what ever job/volunteering position comes up.

 Joshua Taylor – employed with Aspire


I just want to say a big thanks to Staff for all the help they gave me and the opportunity and chance of being on the training I am very thankful for everything.

Viki Powell – self employed


I found the training course amazing and so helpful I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working with children with Additional Support Needs. I have transformed as a person in the six weeks of training, I am a lot more confident and happy in myself and my practice. I would to thank the workers and management for giving me this opportunity and believing in me. You were all amazing and I look forward to staying on as a volunteer with Ayrshire Children Services CIC to further my education.

Nicola Kyle – Person assistant elderly care


I would like to say thank you for letting me come on this course. I was good to get to know the rest of the people on the course and getting to know the staff and the young people. I have had a good experience on coming on this course. I gained qualification I did not have and learned new stuff.

Alistair Graham – Skills for Life


Attending this course has brought my confidence level back to the ‘I can do’ attitude, to always think positive and always smile. Thanks to the staff for the support and encouragement and giving me this opportunity. Before hand I was stuck in a rut thinking that I will never gain my goal to work in the childcare sector but I believe now slowly but surly all will fall into place and I will gain employment that I enjoy. Thank you to the staff

Anna Gilmour – Nursery Assistant 


I would like to say thank you to all the staff and the training providers for setting up such a great experiance in the last 6 weeks I have learned so much and took a lot from the course, Thank you.

John Gallacher – Support Worker Ayrshire Childrens Services CIC


I would say my confidence has improved much more and is at an 8, The mock interviews helped in so many ways. I now know what I will expect from my next interviews.

Lara Jayne – New Mummy


I have found this course to be excellent. The experience and qualifications gained to add to my CVC is great. The staff as well as the other trainees have been so nice and I think I will continue to keep in touch with them. Also each topic taht we covered has been very interesting as well as getting application forms off to prospective employers fantastic.

Frances Kean – Key Housing and Personal PA


I have learned a lot of new skills and found the course to be interesting and very rewarding. I am leaving with more confidence in myself to after and apply for jobs. I also felt the group size was good not to large. Thanks to the staff for encouraging and inspiring me.

Sheena Cullen – Alpha Home Care