Essentials Plus

What we do

The aim of this service is to support individuals to be confident when applying for any type of  job, gain the skills to complete application forms and apply for jobs, gain best knowledge and skills which will enable then to enter into a new job with a person career plan.

Essentials Plus cares about tailoring a support around each individuals needs and abilities that is why no two people will receive the same service, clients will be matched to a personal adviser who will work alongside them. Our work based training will include, personal approach to interviews, individualist CV’s, job application writing, build a professional on line (individual) presence through UJM and my world to work, know and understand the HR requirements of working and signing contracts.

Along with specific sector based training for work, Essentials Plus, call upon our partner employers in the field of care, catering, engineering, hospitality, retail, tourism and health.

As you can see we work with many various different employers from childcare to engineering, however if you have ever dreamt of running your own business, we have 1st hand personal experience of entrepreneurship and have direct partnership links with Social Enterprise Scotland and Social Enterprise Academy two of Scotland’s biggest champions of Social Enterprise and self employment.

“Therefore if your looking for that personal touch to gaining new skills and you are motivated to learn E+ is the new future for you!!”