Essentials Plus

Professional Testimonies

Please find testimony letter which is very well deserved.  It has been a pleasure working with you over the past year and I would like to thank you personally for the professional attitude shown in the delivery of the modules agreed via FSF through DWP.

Testimony in relation to contracts between Learn Direct and Essentials Plus Training

Essentials plus has run 4 contracts for and Learn Direct over a period of 2 years, they consisted of 3 SBWA and 1 lone parent ‘back to work’ training programme. All of the above were carried out in a professional and timely manner with performance level being well above the terms of the contract.

Essentials Plus is run by a highly motivated team, led by Managing Director Marianne Greenway, their skills and ability to gain positive outcomes for some of their harder to reach clients is second to none. The Essentials team work efficiently to ensure all clients gain a positive outcome or are on the road to achieve this by the end of the contract term.

However it is in my experience that Essentials Plus carries on delivering support to clients even when they have moved on and are always contactable for information, advice and motivation to those who previously trained by them. The team are innovative in their approach and work with many strategic partners to ensure all clients are able to access the world of work, volunteering, further education or work placements.

This year Essentials Plus has delivered 2 contracts 1 of which was at short notice and due to their professionalism and effective organisational abilities they were able to full fill a Lone Parent Back to Work contract at 4 weeks’ notice. They tailor support and training around their clients and help to overcome barriers by working in partnership with the community and other organisations and services.

Essentials Plus is a small community based training and personal development centre which is consistent in their approach to delivering a service I highly recommend to others in my field of work.