Essentials Plus

Client Testimonies

During my time on the course i gained confidence in myself and great interview skills that helped me to get my current job. I found the lessons enjoyable and the speakers gave us a lot of information that i have been able to use. i am thankful for the opportunities i got from the course.

Kelly Burley

I started to training with E+ around 2 years ago it was a small and informative course, I had been on many courses however this was different and there was always a sense of being able to go beyond the training if you wanted to.

I stayed on as a volunteer with Ayrshire Childrens Services CIC the sister company of Essentials Plus, I then progressed to further training and personal development and onto a sessional contracted post, which soon turned into a 16hrs post. Today I am now ACS’s service support coordinator with a 35 hr contract and new trainees have taken my place in the other posts.

I can’t state how wonderful my journey has been and I am now still training and developing my skill. I have gained a leadership qualification and managing volunteer’s qualification. I have become a trainer for child protection and bullying awareness. Lately I returned to college night classes to embark on a SVQ childcare course whilst still in full time employment with ACS. Marianne can see the value in personal development and has a strong and very experienced knowledge within the childcare sector, understanding employer’s needs as well as client’s needs. Her ability to encourage me and give me confidence is second to none and I now have a full time very satisfying job working in my community. 

Nicola Hume

I was selected and successfully completed a six week training based work academy for the ‘Child Care Sector’ which ran from the 1st July – 9th August 2013 in association with Essentials Plus.

During this time I achieved certificates in Emergency First Aid at Work, Moving and Handling of People, Risk Assessment and Understanding Child Protection.

The talks and advice that came from the professionals in their different fields within Child Care were invaluable and very knowledgeable.

I volunteered with Ayrshire Childrens Services for their ‘Why Don’t You Club’ run for children with assisted needs and this gave me a better education of what had been taught during the time with Essentials Plus.

I now work as a Classroom Assistant working on a one to one basis with an autistic girl and a young boy who has severe behavioural issues and the training I received was a great starting platform for myself.

Tanya Ferguson