Essentials Plus


Essentials Plus

Essentials Plus is a community based training and employment service which supports individuals back into employment.

Essentials Plus works in very close partnership with many companies and organisations in the Ayrshire area, covering a wide variety of job sectors. We tailor our training around the needs of the individual and the local employers who are looking for suitable applicants, therefore matching people into to jobs.

Established in 2012, Managing Director Marianne Greenway, worked to create a community based service, unlike any other training and employment service. Its continual, ability to create positive change for many stands in testimony that Essentials Plus is a training service with a difference.

We tailor our support around each new client and ensure they gain the best outcomes, we don’t just place individuals into jobs, we train, listen, learn and do the best for every individual person who walks through our doors.

We believe everyone can learn new skills even if your,  feeling to old to learn new skills, too young to be heard, to long unemployed, you may have worked hard to raise a family or maybe you’ve been ill for a while. Or like many you’ve attended a hundred and one interviews and yet, no one gets back to you!!

You may have attended many courses or been referred to an employment agency however, some of them even don’t get back to you and your left feeling that no one understands or listens.

Its all very exhausting and a waste of time, your confidence goes and you end up being left alone and feeling angry.

Read our testimonial stories from the people who have worked with us, you will probably find someone just like you.